Houseplants & Their Many Health Benefits

Did you know houseplants provide real health benefits, both physiological and psychological? It’s true! Here are some of the reasons why you should fill your home with houseplants:

Increased Happiness 

Research has shown that the presence of plants leads to reduced stress and anxiety, increased feelings of calm, a marked improvement in mood and self-esteem.

Lowers Your Blood Pressure + Faster Recovery From Illness houseplant benefits

Studies performed in hospitals showed that patients with plants in their rooms had lower blood pressure and heart rates than patients whose rooms did not contain plants.  Patients also recover faster from illness when they had plants in their hospital rooms. What a great reason to give a plant as a gift!

Humidifying the Air

Plants are natural humidifiers! They infuse moisture into the air we breathe, which is helpful for preventing dryness in the skin, throat, nose and lips. They also help ward off cold and flu symptoms, which is a huge plus during cold and flu season!

Improved Sleep 

Sleep easier with plants. They are known to help promote deep sleep by giving off oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide.

Sharper Focus and Mental Acuity

By increasing the oxygen in the air you breathe and removing pollutants, plants improve your concentration and memory. Plants can even heighten your attention and improve your creativity.

Living with plants could well be the best decision you ever made for your health. If you don’t need any more convincing, head over to the Family Tree and make one of the best investments, ever.