How To Choose The Perfect Crape Myrtle

tonto-crape-myrtle-1Think of a tree. What would you want that tree to have? Beautiful flowers, great foliage, stunning bark, year round interest? Yes to all? We here in the south love our Crape Myrtles because they have all of that. They love our southern heat and do a great job showing off their bark in the cold months. Every year they offer summer long flowers atop graceful branches. Choosing one (or two) for your yard can be a bit daunting due to the variety of colors and sizes.
Consider size and color. The cool thing is that there is a Crape Myrtle to fit any landscape. If you have plenty of room, say, a big enough space for a 20 to 30 foot tree, consider Natchez (white flowers), Red Rocket (red), or Muskogee (purple flowers)
For spaces that will support a 10-15 foot tree, you can choose Catawba (Purple), Dynamite (deep red), or Tonto (Coral)
For spaces less than 10 feet there is an adorable Crape Myrtle series called Razzle Dazzle. They get about 5 feet tall and come in pink, white, and red.
There are many more to choose from, we can help you pick the perfect tree.crapemyrtle
Crape Myrtles are easy to care for. They love our southern climate and are good at resisting disease and insects. Fertilizer your trees in the spring and fall for optimum growth.
So now we come to pruning. A very polarizing subject for many. Take a look at this blog by our horticulturist Tracy about what she calls “Crape Murder.”
Here is a list of the Crape Myrtles that we have right now. If you don’t see what you are looking for, just ask, we will do our best to find it for you.
Red Rocket
Watermelon Red
Peppermint Lace
Diamond Dazzle
Delta Moonlight
Black Diamond – Red, Pink, and Purple (This series has gorgeous burgundy foliage)