July Garden To Do’s


Summer has officially arrived and we must admit, it is hot! July brings full summer and summer in the garden means a few things:

Fruits and Veggies

July is the time when all your hard work in the spring begins to pay off and you’re overwhelmed with fresh produce! Be sure to enjoy this bounty while it lasts! Mid-July is also the time to plant beans, radishes and hot weather lettuce. If you don’t have a full garden, these veggies also work well in pots. Container gardens are the perfect way to grow some of your own food if you’re tight on space!


Watering is critical now as your plants are growing at a rapid rate. If you do not get enough natural rain, you will have to water. The best time to water is early in the morning before the sun comes out to evaporate all the moisture your plants need. Try to avoid getting the leaves of the plants wet; the best method of doing this is by placing the nozzle of your hose at the base of the plant and turning on the water so that a slow, steady drip waters the plant. If you do have to water using an overhead sprinkler just be sure midday sun is not hitting your plants because it will burn them.


Weeding is also necessary right now. Just as flowers love rain, so do weeds! These insidious little sprouts will rob your plants of valuable light and nutrients! Don’t let long periods of time pass between weeding; the easiest way to do it is to pull up a few every time you’re outside so that the task never gets too overwhelming.


July is a good time to prune summer flowering shrubs and flowers, such as Azaleas and Rhododendrons. Pruning encourages new growth and any new growth will have time to harden off for winter. However, be sure to wait until they have stopped blooming!

House Plants

If you have not put your houseplants outside and would still like to, it is not too late! However, the strong sun will likely burn the leaves. We recommend you to put your houseplants outside in the shade or morning sun for a few days to allow it to acclimate to the higher amount of sunlight before exposing it to the full midday sun.


Prune your tomatoes this month by removing suckers, which form in the crotch of the tomato branches. Pinch them out with your forefinger and thumb. These aptly named suckers can suck precious energy away from the fruit and leave you with bland tomatoes.


If you have beautiful flowers in your garden, why not bring some inside? Cut flowers can add excitement to a boring weekday or provide the finishing touch to a party. We recommend cutting your flowers late in the day when they are dry; have a pitcher of water ready to put them in as soon as you cut them to prevent wilting.


Be sure to watch for bugs and fungus this month. Slugs in particular hide during the hottest parts of the day and only come out in the mornings and evenings. Look for organic products to control them.

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