Keep Christmas Trees Staying Fresh All Season!


Tis’ the season for fresh Christmas Trees and Wreaths from The Family Tree! In addition to your holiday candles and decor from The Family Tree, it would not feel like Christmas without a festive handful of holiday greenery. All of the greener at The Family Tree has been hand selected for the freshest and most beautiful trees and wreaths. Visit today to browse our covered tree forest and get a tree starting at $29.95!

Here are a few tips from our team to make your holiday greenery last all season:

  • Think about where you are putting your tree and have measurements before visiting us. Depending on your space and desire for your tree, choose your greenery wisely.
  • Buy Fresh! The great thing about trees from The Family Tree is that they are all fresh and hand selected. We will even give them an even fresher cut before you leave. This will guarantee success!
  • Hydrate your holiday greenery. Just like fresh cut flowers, living greenery need to stay hydrated for the season. Keep your trees in an inch of water and away from heaters as it will dry it out.
  • Decorate smart and preserve the life of your tree without drying it out due to hot lights. The Family Tree has a great selection of decor solutions for you!


After you visit and pick our your perfect tree, it’s time to keep your Christmas tree fresh! If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to our team and we can help! We welcome you to come visit our team at The Family Tree! If you need information, direction or help please contact our office by calling 770-972-2470. Make sure to follow-us on Facebook ,Twitter,  Google+!

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