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Landscaping Service
We want your paradise to be right outside your front door!  Our quality landscaping service includes installing an entire planned landscape or planting a small area. Our professional landscape services include crosstie and stone walls, patios, ponds, large and small trees and shrubs, annual beds and so much more. We can make the outdoor space of your dreams! Call 770-972-2470 or fill our the form below for details. Our landscaper will meet with you and give you a quote on the cost of your landscaping.  Our rates are very competitive.

If you want to pick out your own plants but don’t want to do the dirty work, we have a professional planting service that will plant trees, shrubs, bedding plants, or a vegetable garden. Just ask for details or take a look at our Planting Service Page.

Landscapinglandscape front yard
We are very proud of our highly professional landscaping service. Once you have a plan drawn by our designer – click here for design info, our landscape manager will meet with you, work with your budget and develop an estimate for installing the landscape. No fuss! You can have us install the entire plan or break it up into areas.  Your yard will look beautiful in no time! No area is too big or too small.  We can install just a few trees, a foundation planting, new beds, and flowers.

Don’t want a drawn design? No problem. Our designer will discuss options for planting, drainage, plant removal, renovation ideas, foundations, curb appeal or general landscaping needs; just call to set up an appointment.  And check here for our Quick Sketch designs – it’s a free service we offer right here at the store.
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