Let’s Make It A Gift!

Have you ever admired the beautiful wrapping on a gift from a department store? If you’re anything like gift-wrapping-collage-4 me, you can wrap a present, but it doesn’t come out looking anywhere near as lovely as the professional wrapped gifts. So how do you turn a “present” into a “gift?”  It’s all in the wrapping.  Special touches can really brighten up someone’s day.

If you want to learn how to make your gifts look fabulous with some great decorating tips, be sure to come to The Family Tree’s FREE Christmas Gift Wrap and Accessorizing class on Saturday, Dec. 12th at 10am! Our resident designer, Regina Lewis, will show you tips to make sure your gifts look too good to open! Regina is responsible for many beautiful container gardens and her eye for tasteful arrangements also extends to the non-floral realm; from photos to ornaments, she will share many ways to uniquely accessorize your gifts and make them stand out from the rest. If you’ve ever heard the saying ‘It’s better to give than to receive,’ you’ll Christmas-Gift-Wrap-nature_s4x3_lgdefinitely relate to it after attending this seminar; you’ll want to give gifts all year long so that you can put all those great tips to use! Along with wrapping special gifts, Regina will show you some elegant, easy ideas for accessorizing your stockings, framed art, tables, bathrooms, and more.  Your home will glow with Christmas cheer!

Be sure to put 10am on Saturday, Dec. 12th on your calendars and come ready to learn some fabulous gift wrapping ideas! Don’t be a Grinch, invite your friends and family to come, too!