Living Décor for July 4!

What’s your favorite part of July 4th? Mine is definitely the fireworks; I love seeing the bright colors spreading across the dark sky! While fireworks only last for a short time, there is another way to get the same Independence Day colors in a longer lasting medium: a red, white, and blue garden! What could be cuter than festive container gardens placed by the front door or a colorful flowerbed by the patio? Here are a few suggestions so that you can mix and match colors to find your perfect Fourth of July plants!

For your container garden, here are some selections that will liven up your 4th of July décor. container garden

Vinca – An annual known for its glossy green foliage, vinca also produces beautiful flowers that can come in blue, white, or red. These little flowers look great in container gardens or mass plantings!

Salvia – Tall and striking, salvia comes in many varieties that include deep red and blue.

Impatiens – Have a shady area you want to brighten up? Impatiens are the perfect plant; they thrive in shade while still producing lovely flowers. Try the New Guinea variety for brilliant green foliage in addition to the colorful flowers!

There are so many more options in this Fourth of July color scheme, as well as any other color combination that you desire! The Family Tree can show you the best plants to make the perfect container garden.

If you’d like to add some more permanent patriotic color to your landscape, it is easy with these selections:

Autumn Fire™Encore Azalea – This beautiful azalea has true red blooms that will brighten your garden spring, summer, and fall!

endless_summer_in_bloomGeorgia Petite Indian Hawthorne – This hawthorne has all the colors of July 4th during its blooming season: pink buds bloom into white flowers, which then are replaced by blue berries. Use this shrub as a hedge or accent plant in your garden.

The Original Endless Summer® Hydrangea – Who doesn’t love the gorgeous blue flowers on a hydrangea? The Endless Summer® hydrangea is a time-tested stunner that’s perfect for either container gardens or flowerbeds. If you ever get tired of blue flowers, simply change the pH of the soil around the hydrangea and you’ll end up with beautiful pink blooms!

These options and others can last beautifully from the 4th of July on.  Stop by The Family Tree to browse the greenhouse; we have hundreds more selections to choose from and our associates are always happy to help you decide what would work best for your needs!

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