Looking for a Stunning Accent Plant?

Are you looking for a stunning accent plant for your home or garden? Along with beautiful summer bulbs like Gladiolus, Dahlias, Lilies, and Cannas, Angel’s Trumpet and Clematis have arrived at The Family Tree, all ready to be planted for spring and summer flowers.angels trumpet

Angel’s Trumpet – A spectacular tropical shrub, Brugmansia (more commonly known by the prettier name of Angel’s Trumpet) is recognizable by its fragrant, giant drooping flowers. While this beautiful plant is technically a shrub, it flowers best when pruned tall like a tree. As long as it is given plenty of sunshine and water, Angel’s Trumpet is very easy to grow and will bloom year after year. In addition to its cool, unique flowers, Angel’s Trumpet is deer resistant and will attract hummingbirds. The Family Tree has white or pink; both are equally beautiful!

Clematis – This beautiful climbing vine looks spectacular adorning a fence, trellis, or mailbox. The trick to growing a profusion of these clematisflowers is to give them something to climb on as soon as you’ve planted them; the growing end of the vine is searching for something to ascend and without that it will stop growing. Clematis vines can live to be 50 years old, so if you fill your garden with them now, chances are good that they’ll still be around when your grandchildren come to visit!

Stop by The Family Tree today and choose from our selection of Angel’s Trumpet and Clematis and get a head start on a lovely spring garden!

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