More Fun With Your Garden

Have you been gardening all summer and have more fruits and vegetables than you can eat and gorgeous flowers you wish you could preserve? We understand that challenge and have put together a post that will give you the chance to not only have fun with your garden but play with your food! Get creative and put that produce to work. Here are a few DIY projects to try this weekend:


Photo by Sam Henderson via HGTV Gardens

Time to Tie-Dye – Go ahead and play with your food on this project.  Inspired by the HGTV Gardens DIY we thought combing fun and the garden is a great idea. Use berries from your garden and you can make some amazing Tie-Dye shirts, socks, shorts or anything that you want!

Dry Flowers – once the season is over that doesn’t mean that you have to throw out all your flowers. Drying your flowers can be used in a frame, vase or in a table setting. You can get creative and keep your favorite flower around all season long. 

Freeze berries to save for later! Do you have so many berries in your garden and don’t know what to do with them? Freezing them to use later is the perfect solution.

Get your kids involved.  From the moment you get your garden started to the produce that you get make sure to have your kids involved. They will spark creative ideas you would have never even thought to do!

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