Mulch: Moisture Manager


As the days get progressively hotter, your garden might be reacting adversely to the heat. One solution to keep your garden looking perky in 90+ temperatures is to surround the plants with mulch to help retain moisture and keep a bit cooler. Depending what type of mulch you choose, you’ll be able to reap different benefits.

Pine straw – The ubiquitous mulch of Georgia, pine straw does a superb job of inhibiting weed growth because of its acidic pine strawnature. In addition, this mulch can withstand the sun’s heat better than other, darker colored mulches, which keeps your plants happy. Because it’s so light, pine straw does not wash away easily, making it the ideal mulch for sloping flower beds.

Wood mulches – These are excellent choices for mulching; they make wonderful water regulators to keep nutrients in the soil from being washed away. If you’ve had a lot of rain, the mulch soaks up as much as it can to avoid any standing water. The opposite occurs if you have not had rain in a while; the mulch releases the water it’s been holding, allowing your plants to remain cheerful and strong. Black or red mulches are made from long-lasting recycled wood products, such as old crates and the byproducts of lumber mills, and can be found in an array of colors. These two colors are the most popular; the black in particular makes greenery and flower pop!

black-mulch-landscapes1Pine bark nuggets – This mulch is a result of the lumber trade as well; before trees are cut into plants, they are stripped of their bark, which is then shredded (up to three times) to be used as mulch. Depending on the number of shreddings the bark goes through, you can choose from a variety of sizes, which means that you can customize your mulch to the type of garden you have. For example, a smaller shred makes it easier to mulch around tender young plants without injuring them, while larger plants can withstand a larger shred size. In addition to its many size options, pine bark nuggets are slow to decompose, which makes them last a long time; however, when it does break down, the mulch enriches the soil with organic nutrients that plants love. Thus, not only do you get a beautiful, long-lasting mulch, but also a natural fertilizer!

Ultimately, mulching your garden will add that final, professional touch you’ve been hoping for, with the added benefit of moisture retention! A beautiful, neatly edged flowerbed with tidy mulch complements and improves any house. The Family Tree is happy to offer professional mulch installation as well as placing custom orders for all your mulching needs!

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