NEW Miniatures Have Arrived! Bring the Outdoor Gardens IN!

mini garden smaill

Have you ever thought about bringing your garden inside? Yes, houseplants offer warmth and texture to your home, and they help create a healthy environment. But now we can take it a step further with tabletop gardens? Whether you call them tabletops, miniatures or fairy gardens, these tiny indoor gardens are fun and fabulous. With the incredible assortment of plants for sun, shade, low maintenance and texture, even the brownest thumb can be turned green.


mini garden smaill

There are so many great reasons to have a tabletop garden. Maybe it’s a gift for a loved one. It could be to add a bright spot in your home. How about a way to start a project or hobby with your children. Or maybe for no particular purpose at all, just a love for adorable tiny things.

mini garden terraIt’s so easy to start!

• Choose a container. Any container will do just fine although it does help to have a hole in the bottom and a saucer underneath if you are gardening in a pot.
• Choose your plants. We at The Family Tree can help you with light and water requirements.
• Choose your accessories. Let your personality shine! Add a little fun and pizzazz to your garden with tiny fairies, stepping stones, animals, swing sets, houses and more.
• Use a top quality potting soil mix or ‘layering materials’ for terrariums and you are on your way!

Once you have your tabletop gardens set up, take a picture! We love to see finished creations!

You can post your pictures on our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram @Thefamilytreegardencenter


  1. You will know what to add to achieve the right acidity
    and drainage for the plants you are planning to use.
    When designing your garden, the fountain will set the tone for the whole
    project. Making good use of the available gardening space will be extremely beneficial in the planning of your garden.

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