Eco-Friendly Deer and Rabbit Repellents

Are you having a problem with your beautiful blooms being munched on whenever you turn your back?  Trying to grow flowers and shrubs while enjoying wildlife can be a challenge.  No one wants deer and rabbits to go hungry, but it would be great if they would stay out of our landscaping investments!  Fortunately, there are several organic and inexpensive ways to save your flowers from hungry stomachs.

Home remedies sometimes work.
Hair – Just sprinkling human hair around your plants can convince deer that they don’t want to get near them. Deer have a very strong sense of smell, which makes them sensitive to any scent of humans. So next time you brush your hair or visit the hair salon, take the the loose hair and scatter it on and around the plants you’d like to keep looking pristine.

Spicy Flavors – Neither deer nor rabbits are fans of spiciness, so coating your plants in a mixture of garlic and red pepper flakes is sure to leave any unwanted grazers with their mouths burning. Here are some general guidlines to make a large batch of repellent:

5-6 garlic cloves
1-2 t crushed red pepper
1 T dish soap
1 gal water
Mince the garlic. Combine all ingredients in a milk jug and shake well to mix. Allow to sit in a warm location for a few days to let the oils from the garlic and pepper disperse throughout the water. Pour or spray onto plants.

For more aggressive critters, The Family Tree offers some eco-friendly repellents that will hopefully do the trick and won’t do any damage to animals or plants.
MilorganiteMILORGANITE – Yes, it’s made from human waste but it’s been extensively filtered. Not only does it keep wildlife out of your flowerbeds, it’s a great fertilizer for annuals, perennials, trees, shrubs, and lawns.



Liquid FenceLIQUID FENCE – a concentrated long-lasting eco-friendly spray that keeps deer, rabbits and other critters out of your gardens and lawns.



Go AwayGO AWAY DEER AND RABBIT REPELLENT – made from HOT peppers is effective on squirrels too.