Petey heads back to the North Pole

As Petey heads back to the North Pole, we want to take today’s blog post to recap all that he learned, experienced and helped out with during his time at The Family Tree! With 12 days of fun, Petey had some great adventures….


Day One: Petey helped The Family Tree team unload the Christmas cactus in time for the holiday rush!


Day Two: Christmas Trees are here! Fresh, full, hand selected Fraser Firs starting at just $29.95. Petey was SO excited to see trees hanging in our covered greenhouse and helped unload them for all of you to enjoy!


Day Three: Petey helped Regina Lewis make a festive holiday bow. Regina has been working hard for months making beautiful bows. Petey wanted to help!


Day Four: Petey LOVES McCutcheon products and had a hard time choosing which one he wanted to bring back to Mrs. Claus! YUMMY!


Day Five: Petey was sitting in the Helleborus (Lenten Rose), enjoying the sunshine! What an awesome winter plant for a shady area! It even blooms January through May!


Day Six: Petey is sipping a cup of steaming apple cider as he waited for the Christmas Open House to start!


Day Seven: Petey is helped Joe custom flock Fraser Firs. Flocked trees are great – they come with their own stand, look like a snowy winterland and don’t need to be watered!


Day Eight: Petey loves birds and finds great feed at The Family Tree! We offer The Family Tree brand Bird feed and other great brands! It is great for all birds. Petey loves the huge selection of feeders, houses and accessories too!


Day Nine: Petey is a little too big to fit into these beautiful Christmas terrariums but he is thinking about taking one back to the North Pole. He says Mrs. Claus would love one for her kitchen table.


Day Ten: Petey loves the custom made centerpieces from The Family Tree Garden Center. Here he helped Laurie show off her beautiful creation.


Day Eleven: Petey is waiting on his appointment for Quick Sketch. Petey needs help with his yard. Our designers are here to help you with your yard too!


Day Twelve: Petey thinks this wind spinner will help him get home faster. He thinks Mrs. Petey will really like it for Christmas!
Petey and The Family Tree thank everyone for playing along, Merry Christmas – oh and all The Family Tree Garden Center Christmas gift shop décor is 15% off this week!!!


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