Planning Is Easy With The Family Tree

So you may not want to get out in the cold this time of year, but January and February are the perfect time to start planning for a beautiful spring and summer.  Most plants are dormant and gearing up for the warm months ahead.   It’s going to get warm… flowers are going to bloom, trees and shrubs are going to leaf out and the lawn is going to need attention.  Why not make these months ‘planning ahead’ months?  It’s a great time to take a look at your lawn and gardens and get excited about the upcoming seasons.

It’s personal and it’s FREE!
Our “Quick Sketch” service is perfect for smaller areas in your yard.  Our professional landscape designer will spend 20 one-on-one minutes with you at The Family Tree sketching out a design specific to your desires for that area.
Just bring in 4-6 pictures of the area, figure out how much sunlight it gets per day, and measure it in feet.
Make an appointment today by calling 770-972-2470.  Oh, by the way – this service is FREE!

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** For extensive areas in your yard, consider our Landscape Design service.  Our Registered Landscape Architect, Bruce Holliday, will visit with you at your home and draw a full design for you that you can keep.  Our fees are very competitive.  You will be able to work on your landscape at your own pace.
Don’t want to do the hard, backbreaking work? Have our professional landscape division install it for you.  AND – with a design by Bruce Holliday, you will get 15% off trees and shrubs for up to six months.

Take a close look at your lawn. Do you have sparse patches and areas that never seem to grow in? It’s probably too shady there (even if it doesn’t look too shady to you, your grass will let you know).  Now is a good time to make a clean edge, dig out the sparse area and add mulch or groundcovers.  It will look so much cleaner this spring and summer.  Our professional landscape service can do that dirty work for you!
** Don’t forget about staying ahead of weeds.  February is the perfect time to add pre-emergent weed preventor to your lawn to keep those nasty early spring weeds at bay.