Plant Your Love and Let It Grow

At The Family Tree Garden Center, we are committed to offering expert advice and quality to everyone from novice plant lovers to master gardeners. We are proud to offer events and seminars that will teach, entertain and inform our customers. So no matter whether you are that novice plant lover or the master gardener, we invite you to participate in our upcoming February events.

valentine kit 2

You can make this for $10.99! (gnome not included)

Create A Valentine Memory
Saturday, February 14, 2015 at 10am

Chocolates and fancy dinners will perish, but a live Valentine will go on (close to) forever!

For a memorable and long lasting Valentine, we’ll show you how to create a special gift for your loved ones. Upon conclusion of the demonstration, you can choose from an assortment of colorful containers, fresh houseplants, and accessories at exclusive seminar pricing and create your living gift with our tools, soils, and expert help.

Our experts will help you create your one of a kind Valentine. We’ll even add complimentary soil! All ages are welcome.

Soil Testing & Healthy Soils
What Are Soil Amendments and What Do They Do?
Saturday, February 21, 2015 at 10am

It all starts with the soil and that’s why we are bringing in soil expert Chip Utsey!

Chip Utsey is back to help you with your garden and lawn soil.  Be sure to bring in a sample of your soil by digging down about 2 inches into 5 different areas of your garden (same with your yard). Put the soil into one baggie for your yard and one baggie for your garden.  Chip will give you an instant analysis of your soil. Chip will also discuss the various amendments to Bag of Soilhelp make your soil healthy and productive.  This class is a must for flower & vegetable gardeners as well as everyone who wants the prettiest lawn on the block!

We hope you will join us for these February events at The Family Tree Garden Center in Snellville, GA. Have questions about our events? Give us a call at 770-972-2470.