Plants that love and can handle the heat!

The heat is on! July and August are hot, humid months and require tough plants that can tolerate these conditions. Summers can bring HOT temperatures so being prepared with the right plants is key! Making sure that your plants are tough enough to survive in these harsh summer heat is the first step. We have put together a few ideas of plants to purchase that we know will stay beautiful and vibrate all summer long!

Tough Guy Plants:


Angelonia: The Angelonia is the ultimate tough guy plant and can handle extremely high heats and stay beautiful and vibrant.


Begonia: The Begonia can withstand sun and shade. It has a range of size and shape from a smaller bud to a larger body plant. We suggest the Baby Wing as it is a nice in between solution.


Laurentia: Plants are vigorous and tolerate heat and humidity well and flower early.


Salvia: The Victoria Blue has beautiful tall color and can handle the HOT conditions.

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