Fragrant Plants

There is nothing like walking out your front door and smelling the aroma of a favorite plant as it shows off its fragrance at different times of the year.  Below are a selection of plants known for their intense fragrance and beauty.  These plants will add another dimension to your landscape with their diverse flowers and fragrances.

Paperbush Plant
Edgeworthia chrysantha

In late winter-early spring, buds open
buttery-lemon.  At night the flowers release
a very sweet fragrance.  Foliage remains lush
and green through summer, then turns yellow
for fall.  Deciduous Shrub. Beautiful bark.
6-8 feet tall by 6-8 feet wide
Prefers partial to full shade

Daphne odora

Evergreen shrub that produces rosy-pink or
white flower buds that are sweetly fragrant.
Use close to house where fragrance can be
admired.  Prefers good drainage.
3-4 feet tall by 3-4 feet wide
Prefers partial shade

Tea Olive
Tea Olive
Osmanthus fragrans

Large evergreen shrub with a broad upright
form.  Tiny clusters of white flowers that have
intense fragrance appear in spring and again
in the fall.  Low maintenance.  Can be pruned
to maintain specific height.
10 feet tall by 6-8 feet wide
Prefers partial to full sun


So many roses, with so many different
fragrances.  Some are bush form, some
climbing, some miniature, so there is a
rose bush to fit most situations as long as
you have full sun.
Roses view our selection Click here


There are evergreen Magnolias that bloom
with large white blooms in the summer.
There are also deciduous magnolias that
bloom earlier.  Both have very fragrant
flowers.  Size and form varies depending on
variety.  Most prefer full sun.

Gardenia jasminoides

Evergreen shrubs that can range in height
from 1 foot to 5-6 feet depending on
variety.  Intensely fragrant white blooms
appear in summer and cover the bush.
Deer resistant.
Prefers partial to full sun.

Clematis armandii

A showy, evergreen vine with large, leathery
leaves.  Produces an abundance of fragrant
star-like white blooms in spring.  Deer
resistant and easy care.
20-25 feet tall and wide
Prefers partial sun


Hyacinths are planted as bulbs in the fall
between October and December
and emerge in the spring to make a
brilliant display of colorful and very
fragrant flowers.