Hybrid Tea Roses for 2018

Hybrid Tea roses have large flowers that are generally borne on one stem.  All of the Hybrid Tea roses we carry have fragrance.  Most Hybrid Tea bushes grow between 3-6 feet tall and wide and require full sun.  The bushes produce long cutting stems so they are a good choice for cut flowers.  Protect your rose against insects and disease with Bonide Rose Rx™ Systemic Drench, or Rose Rx 3-in-1 (Organic).

Hybrid Tea Roses, Click here to print.

All My Loving

Apricot Candy Hybrid Tea Rose

Apricot Candy

Apricots n’ Cream

Barbara Streisand

Black Baccara

Bride’s Dream

Chicago Peace

Chris Evert


Dark Night

Dolly Parton


Eternal Flame

Falling in Love


Fragrant Cloud


Full Sail

Good as Gold

Henry Fonda


John F Kennedy

Just Joey

Midas Touch

Mister Lincoln

Moonlight Romantica


Neil Diamond


Perfume Delight

Peter Mayle

PopeJohnPaul II

Pretty Lady Rose

Queen Mary 2

Smokin’ Hot

St. Patrick

Sugar Moon

Sweet Mademoiselle

Tahitian Sunset