New Roses for 2017

Add these beautiful rose introductions to your rose collection.  Available early spring 2017.

New Roses, Click here to print.

All My Loving

Hybrid Tea rose

A true hybrid tea with vigorous growth.
Keeps its color well and produces one large
flower per stem.

Canyon Road

Floribunda rose

Brick red color with double flowers which
bloom in clusters.  Dark green foliage
sets off the vibrant color.

Children’s Hope

Shrub rose

Red pompom like flowers on a shorter more
compact plant.  Has good disease resistance.
A portion of sales go to The Children’s Brain
Tumor Foundation.

Cupid’s Kisses

Climbing rose

A shorter climbing rose with a prolific number
of flowers.  Outer edges of petals resemble
pink lipstick.

Easy to Please

Floribunda Rose

Wonderful new addition to the ‘Easy to Love’
roses by Weeks Roses with fuchsia pink
blooms borne in medium sized clusters. Upright
and vigorous grower.

Edith’s Darling

Shrub rose

The new addition to the popular series of
roses inspired by Downton Abbey characters.
A soft apricot-gold bloom on a short, compact

Fruity Petals

Climbing rose

A smaller climber reaching 6 feet.  Beautiful
coral blooms with white edges and a yellow

Gilded Sun

Floribunda rose

An upright and bushy growing habit with
gorgeous bright yellow blooms that hold
their color.  Good disease resistance.

Princesse Charlene de Monaco

Hybrid Tea rose

Classic English rose with great old rose
fragrance.  Blooms are a combination of
light apricot and shell pink with elegantly
ruffled edges.  Exceptional disease resistance.

Shining Moment

Floribunda rose

A non-stop bloomer with deep pink blooms.
Good disease resistance.

Tropical Lightning

Climbing rose

A truly unique bloom on a vigorous plant.
Also has some of the glossiest green leaves.
An added bonus is the burgundy new growth.