Quick Sketch Service

As autumn draws near with it’s promise of gorgeous colors and cooler weather, it’s time to start thinking of what your yard will look like this fall. Since fall is the perfect time to plant trees and shrubs, our FREE Quick Sketch Design Program is a great way to help you make landscaping decisions.  You may have an area that the pets tear up, or a slope in your front yard where nothing seems to grow. You may just want a change from what you’ve been looking at all summer. Either way, The Family Tree’s Quick Sketch program is an excellent way to plan the perfect yard.

This free 20 minute meeting is one-on-one with our in-store expert landscape designer. You can landscapeschedule an appointment for any area of concern in your yard, whether it’s a small flowerbed or an area where grass won’t grow. Because this free appointment is 20 minutes long, we can only take care of a small area of your yard.  For large areas or yard makeovers, our Landscape Architect will come to your home and draw a professional plan for you.

After you set up your appointment for a Quick Sketch, all you have to do is bring several pictures of the area and know its measurements and how much sunshine it gets each day. This is all we need to create a beautiful landscape design for you. You will also receive the hand drawn design to take home! To make things even easier, you can choose your plants the same day with the help of one of our associates. Our professional You Pick It, We’ll Plant It Service makes it even easier – you can watch us do the work!

Imagine how stunning that area of your yard will look after just a 20 minute meeting!

Call 770-972-2470 to schedule your free appointment today!

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