Rain, rain go away! Will my plants recover from all the rain?

If you are in the Southeast, especially Georgia, you are feeling the effects of the rainfall that has been sitting over us! Preparing for spring and summer gardening has not turned out how we all planned, but instead have had to deal with a chilly spring, flooding, intense rain, and over watering of plants, all unexpected for the season. It has been a challenging spring and summer that has kept us plant lovers on our toes. The questions we have been getting here at The Family Tree Garden Center are – what will happen to our plants due to all this rain? Is this rain a good thing or a bad thing? Will my plants recover? Lucky for you we have your answers and can help you moving into to August when the rain stops!

Heavy rain isn’t good but plants are resilient and can recover! Plants need oxygen along with water around their roots.  Excessive water decreases the pockets of oxygen causing the plant to be unable to absorb the water.  That’s why over watering looks very similar to under watering.

Plants also need nitrogen.  Nitrogen moves quickly through the soil so all this rain is washing the nitrogen away.  Many of your plants are starting to look yellow.  Pulling the mulch away from the plants and adding a fertilizer with good nitrogen (like Espoma Plant-Tone) with help with the yellow leaves.

Remember also that soggy soil invites fungus. Watch carefully for brown spots and mildew and try to be proactive with a quality fungicide.

With rain washing away mulch and eroding soil from around plant roots, making sure you have a recovery plan is key! Immediately after a storm you need to prune injured or dead plant to allow the plant to recover. If you are noticing that the soil is extremely saturated after a storm and you are concerned about root rot, we suggest removing the mulch from around the plants for a few weeks. That will help the soil dry out!

Don’t leave your plants high and dry when the rain stops. They must be acclimated to the stressful dry soils.  Put the mulch back and slowly wean your plants back to normal water conditions.

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