Say Goodbye to Weeds!

If there’s one gardening problem that unifies gardeners, expert or amateur, it’s weeds. No matter how carefully you tend your flowerbeds and prep your grass, weeds have a way of cropping up and ruining that lush, livable lawn.  Applying pre-emergents undermines stubborn weeds fighting to infiltrate your landscape. By smothering crabgrass and other pesky weeds before the seeds germinate, you can regain control of your lawn and garden. crab1

Killing Weeds with Pre-emergents

Most horticulturalists suggest applying spring pre-emergents on March 15th. Because of our (mostly) warm Georgia weather, gardeners and landscapers should apply early weed-killers from late February to the 1st of March. Timing is critical to the effectiveness of pre-emergents. If you apply the herbicides after weeds sprout, crabgrass and other weeds will run rampant across your yard.

Lawn Essentials

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