Small Trees for Small Spaces

We are often asked to recommend trees that don’t get too big whether it be for a specimen tree in a small space or just a small tree for the front yard.  There are many trees that fall into this category and it depends on whether you want a tree for the sun or the shade.  Listed below are several trees that would work in a small space.  For a full list and to view pictures, refer to our website Small Trees for Small Spaces.

Viridis Japanese Maple

Viridis Japanese Maple

Japanese Maples – for a yard that is shaded or partially shaded.  We have a lot of new varieties this year and many more shorter ones starting from 4 feet tall. Most of these small trees will have very interesting foliage colors in the spring, summer, and fall.  Some of these trees even have winter interest with red or yellow bark.

Red Rooster

Red Rooster Crape Myrtle

Crape Myrtles – for a yard that has partial to full sun.  Crape Myrtles have come a long way in the last few years.  There are many new dwarf varieties that resemble small bushes rather than trees, but these are perfect for supplying color throughout the summer.  The ‘Petite’ series, ‘Magic’ series, ‘Dazzle’ and ‘Early Bird’ series vary between 3-10 feet tall.  There is a large choice of flower color, so you should be able to find the perfect size plant with the perfect flower color for that small space.

Weeping Trees – Many trees have weeping versions that tend to be a lot smaller.

Weeping Cherry

Weeping Cherry

For example a ‘Snow Fountains’ Weeping Cherry reaches 8 feet.  Also, a ‘Lavender Twist’ Redbud is only 5-6 feet tall.  There is a weeping Birch 8-10 feet tall.  The trees just mentioned all lose their leaves in the fall.  If you are looking for an evergreen small tree then the Weeping Yaupon (15 feet) or the Weeping Norway Spruce (3-10 feet) may be just the trick.

There are many others such as the dwarf Gingko, dwarf Deodar Cedar, and don’t forget those beautiful star magnolias and tulip magnolias that we have just seen blooming.

Remember, refer to our website.  The trees listed there are all trees that we carry, but also speak to a Sales Associate to make sure we have the tree in stock when you are ready to purchase it.

Happy Gardening!

Tracy Davis


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