Steps to Achieve a Green & Healthy Lawn

Spring is in full gear at The Family Tree Garden Center! But before you start hosting those outdoor parties or enjoying a refreshing beverage in the backyard, we’ve got some work to do.  To achieve a greener, more healthier lawn, here are a few steps you should take to get your lawn looking it’s best!

Rake (Yes, even in the Spring!) grass

It might sound strange but raking in the Spring is just as important as it is in the fall. Spring raking helps remove unwelcome thatch, which could be the explanation of those unwanted pests. Raking will also help you recognize the areas of your lawn that need special attention.

Aerate High Trafficked Areas of Your Lawn

Once you have finished raking, you will have a better view of your yard. Aerate the areas that have had heavy traffic during winter. Those high trafficked areas have increased the density of your soil, making it difficult for roots to take. Aerating helps loosen the soil and allows your grass to breathe.

Overseed Those Bare Areas

Revive those brown, bare patches of your lawn by overseeding.

Pull those Weeds

Start weeding as soon as you can, pulling weeds from the root. Watch out for those dandelions, as they are stubborn and will come back year after year. Keeping your lawn clear of weeds will allow your green turf spotless!

Follow these simple steps and soon enough you’ll see greener, healthier grass! Can’t fit these steps into your daily routine? Then give us a call to schedule an appointment with one of our professional landscapers.