Summer Watering Tips

You know what I love about plants? They don’t talk back! Personifying plants gives me a sense of well being in that I think my plants love me, love to grow, and are happy to see me come home. Do you feel that way too or am I just crazy?  Even though they love me and never talk back, they still need some tender loving care.  Summer time is a bit of a stressful time for many plants.  You can plant trees, shrubs, and flowers in the summer and, of course, summer is THE time to plant warm season sod. With a few helpful tips on watering, your plants and sod will thrive!

Lawn & Sod – Water Less Often By Watering Deepsprinkler
For freshly planted sod, go ahead and water every day for the first two weeks.  The roots are not established yet and need the added moisture.  When established, if you water your lawn every day, you are encouraging shallow roots. Water fewer days per week and enough for 1 inch deep in the soil.  This will encourage deeper root growth and a healthier lawn. Deep roots can find their own water and nutrient source much easier than shallow roots. On these scorcher days, water more than you think you should! Sprinklers are great for your new and established large area lawn. For smaller areas, go ahead and get a soaker water wand.

Water Early and Avoid Windy Days
Watering early in the day helps reduce the likelihood of fungus growth and sun damage.  Typically it is less windy in the mornings.  Don’t use sprinklers on windy days. It results in uneven watering and over spray gets wasted on sidewalks and pavement.

Shade-GardenShady Areas
Water areas that are in the shade about 30% less than sunny areas. Shade creates a microclimate of cooler temperatures and lower evaporation, so plants need less water.

Outdoor Plant Watering – Water Deep So You Can Water Less Often

Soaker Hose and Hand Watering
Hand water new plants. Use a hose and a water wand or attachment for even water distribution. Hold the hose on each plant to water DEEP and around the drip line. You can even sing your favorite song to ensure you are watering enough. The longer you hold the water on the plant, the more your roots will spread and thrive. Using a soaker hose around your flower beds, vegetable gardens, foundation shrubs, and newly planted plants ensures that the plants will get adequate water and reduced evaporation.

Apply a three-inch layer of mulch or compost around plants to reduce evaporation, promote plant growth, and reduce weeds. Keep mulch a few inches away from tree trunks to prevent rot. Again, water less often and deep so that you encourage strong root growth.

gator bagGator Bags®
Gator bags are inner tube-like circles that you fill with water and fit around the trunk of your trees and large shrubs.  It slowly releases water to the roots of your tree.  Gator bags are used by professional landscapers and contractors to ensure that the plants are getting watered correctly.

Soil Moist®
Soil Moist® can be mixed into your soil along with your Soil Conditioner and Planting Mix to reduce the amount of water needed for your plants.  Soil Moist® acts as a water reservoir–even during periods of drought the stored water is released to the plant. Watering in harsh heat & dry conditions is still necessary, but Soil Moist will help.

Hanging Baskets, Container Gardens & Houseplants

Water Thoroughly As Needed
Your summer time hanging baskets, container gardens and houseplants don’t get the opportunity to let their roots grow deep so they need a little more assistance from you.  Each plant is unique, so they all Hanging-Baskethave different watering requirements. Most just enjoy a heavy watering and then let the soil rest and dry in between waterings.  Check every day for dryness.  Avoid wetting the plant’s leaves.

Plan Ahead
If you are going to be away from your plants for a number of days, you might want to get someone to take care of your watering while you are away. Soil Moist® is a great additive to your soil if you are going to be away from your plants for a short time.We also carry a great little item called Plant Nanny, which will regulate watering while you are gone from your plants for a week or so.

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