Terrariums: Bring The Outside In With Plants


While terrariums have been around since Victorian times, these little tabletop gardens are making a comeback today. Thanks to their minimal maintenance requirements and striking visual display, terrariums make great statement pieces for gardeners and art lovers alike.

Some of the great things about terrariums are:

  • The low maintenance is a plus for those who think they have a brown or black thumb.
  • Pets won’t bother a terrarium.
  • There are many miniature accessories that will help your terrariums fit in with any season or event.

If you’re looking to bring the outdoors in this winter, check out these plants that thrive in small, contained habitats.

Golden Club Moss: Hardy and easy to grow, this and other mosses make a great base for terrariums.

Ferns: This prehistoric plant was built to last—fern species can live anywhere from remote mountain elevations to dry deserts and moist shady woodlands. No matter what temperature you keep your home, ferns will thrive there!

Philodendron: This virtually indestructible houseplant thrives and grows enthusiastically in tropical environments; however, it will need some pruning to keep it in line.

Air Plants: Unusual shapes, colors and sizes make these super easy-care plants a natural terrarium choice for both color and texture. Because these little plants don’t need soil, they can be placed anywhere; the options are limited only by your imagination!

Peperomia: This plant loves being in terrariums and it also provides welcome contrast with varying colors and textures. Its yellow flower spikes can also add a pop of color.

Black Mondo Grass: You know this plant from your yard, but did you know it makes a great terrarium addition? The dark color can be a welcome contrast to your other plants.

For more exciting terrarium choices, come talk to us!  We can help you pick your plants, containers and products to make your terrarium successful.  Click here for tips on building your own terrarium.

Be sure to visit The Family Tree if you have any questions; our helpful staff will be happy to assist you!

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