Soil Testing Day

Believe it or not, great soil is the secret to great garden and lawn success. Having a solid foundation which includes proper pH, airflow, probiotics, nutrients and so much more is essential for healthy growth for this season and years to come.  This SUNDAY is the perfect day to find out what’s going on with you soil so that you can begin your spring season creating the healthiest environment for your garden, yard, flowers and containers.  soil testing

Join us this SUNDAY, March 5 from 10am-2pm at The Family Tree as soil expert Chip Utsey will instantly test your soil and give you expert advice. He is prepared to help you figure out if your soil is ready for planting as well as explaining the various amendments to
help make your soil healthy and productive.

• Dig down about 2 inches deep into 5 different areas of your garden and same with your yard.
• Your soil should be just damp — not too wet or too dry.
• Put the soil into one baggie for your garden and one baggie for your yard.
• Chip will evaluate it and give you an instant analysis of your soil.

Make it a habit! Join us every month as we offer multiple events and opportunities for you to learn about your lawn or garden. And as always, if you have any questions, please give us a call at 770-972-2470.