The Importance of Deadheading – for looks and health!

deadheading your rosesTis’ the season for some gardening housekeeping. It’s time to start deadheading! Not sure what deadheading is or where to begin? We can help you get started.

Deadheading is an art that all yard owners need to know in order to keep their landscaping and gardens look better, feel healthier, and possibly bloom longer. Think of your snippers, pruners, and shears as your paintbrush! So pull on some gloves, grab your shears, and get ready to prune, cut, and spruce up your lawn!

Basically, deadheading means the removal of flowers that have finished putting on their show and no longer look good. It can be a bit scary to start cutting away at your flowers. Don’t worry, with a few helpful tips, you can master this art!  Follow these simple rules and enjoy the beauty of your labor.

Snip with hand pruners or sharp scissors: Most perennials need to have the flowers snipped to prevent seeds from spreading and to have them look healthy. Plants tend to bloom longer when deadheaded because they haven’t formed seeds yet.  Once the plant has formed seeds, there is no need to flower anymore, all of it’s energy goes into the seeds.  If you want your plants to reseed and hopefully produce babies, leave some of the spent flowers and just snip off some of the leggy or unattractive ones. The best way to snip them is to cut the spent flower a quarter-inch below the bud. Always remember to snip as close to a leaf joint as possible. This will help with new growth!

Break off Daylilies: Breaking off dying daylilies will add to the plant’s appearance and will help with the overall flower productivity.

Pinch not cut: You can deadhead without gardening tools! Pinching flowers off with your finger nails works well on annuals such as impatiens, marigold, pansy, petunia, viola, dianthus, poppy, cosmos, and columbine. Pinch off old blooms and it will give new buds room to grow!

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