Planting 101


How to plant a shrub, tree, bulb or perennial- it’s very easy! It’s also very fun to do with your family and friends this spring. Let’s start and have some fun! Go outside, head over to The Family Tree and buy some materials, and get planting!

  1. Purchase the perfect shrub, tree, bulb or perennial from The Family Tree Garden Center! Our plants are hand selected for quality and performance.
  2. Choose your planting area according to the sun/shade requirements of the plant you purchased. If you aren’t sure, ask anyone on The Family Tree team and they can help.

Preparing to plant a plant is the most important part to its success.  Even the most brown thumb can be successful if the soil is prepared properly.

  1. Take the plant out of the pot and soak the root ball in a bucket or wheel barrow full of water for about 15 to 20 minutes.
  2. Ready to plant! Dig a hole, about twice as large as the diameter of the plant’s pot.
  3. Mix the soil that you removed from the hole with a quality soil amendment such as planting mix, Nature’s Helper or mushroom compost.  Ask a Family Tree associate for the best amendment for the plants you are planting.
  4. Place it in the hole.  Make sure the plant is planted NO DEEPER than it was planted in the pot.
  5. Fill the hole with the amended soil around the root ball.
  6. Pat the soil around the root ball to fill any air pockets.  Make sure to keep the plant from sinking down, don’t plant too deep.
  7. Add fertilizer to your plant to help it grow more vigorously! We have a large selection of fertilizers that will guarantee quality results.
  8. Add mulch to the plant to the depth of about two inches with a good dense mulch, about two inches out from the stem to the edge of the outer leaves or branches.  Mulch such as pine bark, straw and cypress mulch help keep moisture in and temperatures around the roots constant.
  9. Water your plant one more time through the mulch and then periodically every three or four days or so if you find that the soil is becoming dry. Don’t over water!!

Keep it in the sunshine! Sun and warmth and the plant’s own energy will do the work from here! Now it’s time to enjoy your garden.