Tips for Spring and Summer Garden Success

Show your garden some love this February!

Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, The Family Tree Garden Center has compiled a list of plants to show some love this month in order to see the most success during the Spring and Summer seasons. Let’s dive right in!

Now is the time to get these plants started in your garden:

Roses – It is no coincidence that February is the best month to start planting your roses. At The Family Tree Garden Center, we have over 300 roses with over 80 varieties to choose from including our new Downton Abbey® Rose Anna’s Promise™ and new 2015 introductions.

Remember that roses need plenty of sunlight, well drained soil and good rose fertilizer. If you already have roses in your garden, then now is the time to start pruning, keeping them at a height between 18-24” and removing any weak, diseased or dead canes. Be sure to leave 4-5 main canes, with each main cane containing a few vigorous shoots. Remember to prune the cane to an outward facing bud so that the new branch will grow outward – not towards the center of the plant.  Feel free to come on in and chat with one of our rose experts.

Pansies – Trust us, your pansies are strong and have weathered the storm! As the weather gets a little warmer and they start to thaw out, start watering and fertilizing with a quality bedding plant fertilizer. Don’t worry if you procrastinated planting your pansies in the fall, plant some now. Purple, yellow pansies

Vegetables – It’s time to start your vegetables from seeds if that’s how you choose to start your garden.  Seeds can be started in a controlled environment and transplanted into your garden when the weather warms up.

Before planting, prepare your garden by pulling up all weeds. You should then work the soil and add lime, compost, Nature’s Helper and a healthy soil like Dr. Earth or Fafard Planting Mix.  The better nourished your soil is before you start planting, the better your success will be this spring and summer.

**Not sure how much lime, compost or Nature’s Helper to your soil? Join us on February 21st at 10am for a Soil Testing.

Trees – This is a great time to start planting your trees. Before you start landscaping with trees, choose an area in your yard that you would like a tree to go. After, speak to an expert at The Family Tree’s Garden Center and we will help you pick the best tree(s) for that area. Once you have picked out the best tree, be sure to prune and remove weak branches. It is important to cut close to a notch because if you leave branches exposed, it can invite disease. Lastly, in order for you to have strong and healthy trees in Spring and Summer, start fertilizing now.

Happy Planting!

Our experts at The Family Tree Garden Center can help you ensure Spring and Summer success. Do not hesitate to stop by or give us a call at 770-972-2470. We’d love to help any way we can!