Top Low Growing Flowering Shrubs

Happy August! With kids going back to school, it might feel like summer is already over but actually it’s still here and ready for you to take advantage of the sun and heat to plant some beautiful flowering shrubs.

In today’s post, The Family Tree Garden Center has put together three great low growing flowering shrubs that are perfect to plant this summer. We will give you an idea of how to properly plant them, when they flower and how much sun they need.

Kaleidoscope Abelia

This low growing flower is rich in color with its bright golden yellow variegation on green leaves. To contrast the rich colors, the red stems create a striking color assortment for this shrub. Great for patio containers and ground cover, this evergreen needs partial to full sun and water weekly. This shrub will last summer into fall. Get inspired with our Kaleidoscope Abelia Pinterest board>>

Flirt Nandina

The Flirt Nandina low growing flowering shrub is gorgeous with a deep red color and lush evergreen leaves. The shrub is know for it’s lasting color through the summer and needs watering before you plant. Make sure to plant this shrub in full sun to partial shade for successful growth. Get inspired with our Flirt Nandina Pinterest Board>>

Crimson Fire Loropetalum (or Purple Pixie Loropetalum)

The Crimson Fire Loropetalum or also called “Purple Pixie” is a compact shrub that is rich in color with neon pink flowers and red foliage that blooms in the spring. This shrub needs full to partial shade. Get inspired with our Purple Pixie Pinterest Board >>

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