Top Three Landscape Design Elements

When asked to drill it down to the top three most important things to think about when designing a landscape, our landscape designer has this to say:

Think about:
Mature structure (size) of the plant

landscape-front-afterDesigning a landscape can be a monster if you don’t think about the end product. You can choose what you see and like in other landscapes and garden centers and just hope for the best. But if you can look into the future and design accordingly, you will enjoy your yard for years to come.  Garden centers carry plants from small 4 inch pots to large 15 gallon pots.  These plants are not fully grown.  When you start your landscape, they may seem puny at first.  Don’t make the mistake of planting them too close together.  It may look sparse right now, but your plants need room to grow their roots and branches.  If they are too close together, their leaves and roots will not be able to get the nutrition and sunlight they need.  Check with a professional and make sure you are spacing for proper mature growth.

Mature structure (size) is very important. You don’t want plants to cover your windows, sidewalks, driveway. If you don’t like endless yard work pruning and trimming, large plants in front of your windows would not do.  Pay close attention to the tags and signs on the plants you are choosing. commercial-plant-health-care-tree-services-public-gardens-3 Measure your area or take pictures and ask an expert if the plants you are considering will work.

Last but not least is texture. We like to think of varieties of plants as having their own personalities. Leaves and bark have distinct size, shape, and color according to their variety. Combining textures is as important as color in your landscape. Textures offer year round interest when applied correctly.

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