Transform your Landscape with Shrubs & Plants

At the Family Tree Garden Center, we see a lot of great shrubs get overlooked while their tall, dark, and handsome cousins ride away in a landscaper’s flatbed. Without ever consciously considering why, many homeowners and property developers find shrubs a little lackluster. But as any landscape designer will tell you, a lawn without shrubs is like an empty house: it may be beautiful, but there’s nothing to give it life. shrub syringa vulgaris

Use Shrubs to Improve the Landscape

Planting shrubs and plants are a great way to add depth to a one note yard. Shrubs and plants unify space, taking an eye captivated by rooftops and trees and bringing it back down to earth. They add depth and lasting interest, create privacy, block noise pollution, direct the flow of traffic, provide ground cover, and add seasonal color without crowding the lawn. Shrubs, when planted beside perennial flowers or lush ornamental trees, visually ground the landscape, giving homes and businesses a welcoming, well-tended appearance.

Benefits of Planting Shrubs & Plants

Just like their taller cousins, shrubs and plants benefit Georgia landscapes in countless ways. These include:

  • Combating pollution by filtering dust, toxic chemicals, and carbon dioxide from the air
  • Renewing the supply of oxygen
  • Limiting soil erosion, especially when planted in mass
  • Creating “outdoor rooms” by providing privacy screening, reducing noise pollution, and adding visual beauty to outdoor spaces
  • Improving emotional and mental health by boosting mood and providing a safe place for families and friends to gather
  • Adding life and color into a space that may not have much vibrancy
  • Improving property value through heightened curb appeal

Best Shrubs & Plants for the Fall Season

To learn more information on which shrubs and plants would best suit your landscape, call The Family Tree Garden Center at 770-972-2470.

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