Want to Keep Your Poinsettias Long After Christmas?

Did you receive any poinsettias as hostess gifts over the holidays and now are wondering what to do with them? Some people throw them away once New Year’s is over and life goes back to the normal routine. However, these crimson-leaved plants don’t have to be consigned to Christmas time! Here are a few tips to keep your poinsettias alive well into the new year.

Light – Just like any other plant, poinsettias require sunshine to remain perky. They are tropical plants poinsettiaand love bright indirect sunlight, so placing them near a windowsill that gets lots of sun will encourage them to flourish.

Temperature –You’ll need to keep your poinsettia in a warm place without any drastic temperature swings; between 60 and 80 degrees is ideal. If your plant is sitting near a window, beware of cold drafts and windowpanes, which can cause shock to the leaves and cause them to fall prematurely.

Water – Water your poinsettia whenever it feels dry to the touch; it’s a good idea to give it enough water that it begins to drain out the bottom. The frequency of watering will depend on how dry your environment is; the dryer the air, the more often you’ll need to water.

If you have any questions about caring for your poinsettias or any other houseplants, feel free to stop by The Family Tree for tips and advice; we’re here every day and happy to help! Be sure to check back soon to read about making sure your poinsettia blooms again next Christmas!