What are GMO, Non-GMO, Organic, or Heirloom Seeds?

image004The weather has warmed up and the gardener in us is getting excited about the possibilities of spring!  We start thinking about what seeds we should be starting, but sometimes we get confused by the seed labels and are not sure whether we should buy heirloom seeds, organic seeds, or non-GMO seeds.  The Family Tree Garden Center carries only certified Non-GMO seeds. We also carry organic and Heirloom seeds (both non-GMO).

What are non- GMO seeds (non-Genetically Modified Organisms)?

They are seeds that have not undergone any genetic modification.  Just to give you some understanding of what a GMO seed is, a gene may be added to make it more resistant to round-up, the common herbicide used to kill weeds (which would normally also kill the corn and other vegetable plants).  This makes it easier for the commercial grower to spray Round-up around the corn crops.  Some seeds have been genetically modified with a bacterial toxin that can make them resistant to insects.  Growing your own NON-GMO garden ensures that you will not be eating food that has been genetically modified. It is nice to know which seeds are non-GMO seeds to keep your family safe from toxic chemicals!

What about organic seeds?

These seeds have been certified that they have come from parent plants that have been grown under the organic growing guidelines.  This means organic fertilizers have been used, and only organic pesticides have been used, if at all.  Using organic seeds is very important to people who practice organic gardening in their home gardens.

What are Heirloom Seeds?

Heirlooms are vegetable or flower varieties that were being sold before World War II.  After WWII, hybrid varieties became popular when plants were bred to improve on a certain desirable trait such as higher yield, better disease resistance, or perhaps better marketability.  However, to often we lose other good traits, such as taste.  You may have heard of the tomato variety, Mortgage Lifter, this is an heirloom tomato that was grown by a man who sold so many that he was able to pay off his mortgage!

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