You Can Grow Plants In Your Home, Yes, Even You!

DSCN2573Have you considered houseplants?  Maybe you think you can’t grow anything?  Maybe you’ve tried a couple of plants and felt like they hated you?  NOT SO! Studies show that plants can help the air quality in your home; a few well placed stylish plants can even help in the sale of your home.  Plants can improve your well-being and add softness to hard edges in your home.

Plants placed in the right spot will thrive in your home.  When thinking about trying a new plant, look around your home and consider a few things:  How much (or little) time do you have to devote to your plants, how much light will the plant get, how much space do you have, is this a gift?  Once these aspects have been decided, head on over to the The Family Tree Garden Center and let our experts help you pick out the perfect plants.  Houseplants range from very little care to daily attention.  Ask questions that pertain to the area in which you want to place the plant and be sure to talk about how much (or little) time you want to spend on taking care of your plants.

Plants such as Spider Plants, Philodendron, Snake Plants, Zee Zee Plants, Diffenbachia, Cactus/Succulents and Pothos are very easy to care for.  Ferns, Palms, Ficus and flowering plants require more attention.  These are just a few suggestions, there are many, many more from which to choose.

A fantastic idea for a decoration for your home or as a gift is a terrarium.  Terrariums need very little care and make a dramatic show.  Miniature, tabletop gardens are also a fun, showy decoration.  These types of houseplant decorations can be whimsical and elegant.

Once you start with your first houseplant and watch it grow, thrive and love you, you will be hooked!  You are a success!  Dress it up with a fabulous container, give it some “friends,” and start to see a beautiful garden grow in your home!

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